Study confirms beetle-kill trees are highly flammable

MISSOULA • A new report is confirming what people have long-suspected, that trees killed by pine beetles are much more flammable that their green counterparts.
The study, just completed by researchers at the U.S. Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station in Missoula, attempts to cut through a lot of earlier research and anecdotal evidence to give forest managers some "hard science" to use in dealing with the beetle problem.

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Federal grant will provide 'total technology upgrade' for St. Louis Fire Department

ST. LOUIS • The St. Louis Fire Department will use nearly $800,000 from a federal grant to outfit fire department vehicles with technology that will help firefighters and ambulances crews before they even get to the scene of a fire. St. Louis Fire Chief Dennis Jenkerson said today that the result will be a "total technology upgrade" for a department using 10-year-old technology.

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A Forest Firefighter on the Central Texas Fires

“As I stay tuned to breaking news about the fires… I can't help but consider the obvious dangers of building communities in what firefighters refer to as ‘urban interface,’ places where houses and businesses are built in still-heavily-wooded areas."

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Understanding Fire Behavior in the Wildland/Urban Interface

“Anticipating what fire will do in a community requires more than simply blending wildland and structural expertise. Now you’re dealing with multiple ignitions, entire neighbors and all kinds of natural and human-made fuels. …So how do you anticipate where a fire will go and what it will ignite in a wildland-urban incident?”